Our Mission

Viherlaakso High Values

Viherlaakson High is steered as a school by the values defined by the Espoo City Council. These values are

1.     customer and citizen-orientedness
2.     tolerance and equality
3.     creativity and innovativeness
4.     partnership and community spirit
5.     getting results and having a long-lasting effect
6.     sustainable development.

Viherlaakso High Values in Practice

Sustainable values are the basis of all education. At Viherlaakso High we consider the meaning of the school regarding the student’s growth of personality and our practices are evaluated and developed on that basis. Our goal is for the student to feel that he/she studies meaningfully both regarding his/her education aims and life management and values his/her study results. The interaction between students and teachers and the teacher’s relationship with the student have a significant influence on the student’s psychical growth. Also, the students’ relationships with one another are important for good study results, and thus the practices at our school must promote the interaction and social relationships between the students.

Healthy self-esteem
Students are confident in their own abilities and appreciate themselves. Education and counseling is to help students to find their own academic path and potential new interests and intellectual resources. Students will be aware of their own cultural background. He tolerates diversity and respect other people’s beliefs and individuality.

The joy of work and responsibility
The student understands the meaning of work and appreciate it. The students can plan their studies and learn to make solutions meaningful for themselves and the community. He is an active and capable for critical thinking. The students are aware of their actions and responsibilities for the group.

We pay special attention to the student’s communication skills, especially in language skills and the means of expression and the media. Multi-lingual, and many ways of expression, the dominant student is cooperative and willing to active interaction with others. The student’s personality is developing in a climate of open and direct interaction.

Courage and honesty
We try to increase positive attitudes towards life. Open discussion is one way to find new meanings in daily life and have the confidence to influence the future. Honesty and solving the everyday challenges strengthen the cohesion of the community and helps to continue the development, growth and prosperity.

The Creativity is an important value in our school. The traditional definition of creativity is that creativity always brings out something new; new problem to solve the problems, a new perspective or product.

Creativity is rarely completely new and original; usually a creative solution is consolidated prior knowledge in a new way. Although a feature of creativity is thinking outside the box, exiting from the formulas and the property, is the creativity also persisting processing of information.

We believe that every student can be creative and creativity of each student can be developed. We think, that, the creativity is much broader feature. Creativity is the activity, enthusiasm for learning, the pleasure of its own success and performance, skills to solve problem as well cognitive as social. Teaching from the perspective of creativity, is above all, supporting the learning, the development and the maturity of the student’s unique personality and identity.

Creativity is not something limited inside boundaries of a certain subject. The creative process is always outcome of analysis of the knowledge, feelings and methods acts of studying.

The Agreement for good studying

The students, teachers and parents share a vision of good learning.

Friendliness is a good behavior as greeting, participation, helpfulness, gratitude, obeying rules and guidelines during the school day. Each member of the community maintains and develops a common good spirit.

The teachers, stuff and students treat each other equally and with respect. Every member of the school community is committed to work together.

Planning together
The good quality of studying and teaching requires planning. All of those rules and schedules, work habits, study practices are planned and agreed with together and the students at the beginning of the course. During the planning process they will also discuss what the students are waiting for the teacher in oder to learn better and more. They will also discuss the role of a teacher. How they can learn better using different working methods and how the teacher are helping them learning and understanding.

Commitment, responsibility and results
The teacher and the students discuss also about the student’s obligations such as a commitment to study according to planning and the responsibilities for the group. In this way, the student is expected to create a positive atmosphere in class. The student is also expected to know what means good learning in this certain course and the student commitment to study.

The compliance with the planning
The teachers are committed to intervene to the poor studying. If the student does not study according the rules, the student may be suspended.

Student welfare
There are also other staff as nurse, psychology and social worker available for the specific problems.